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Florence - Day 2

Day 2 started with the complimentary breakfast, cappuccino and a pastry.  Monique passed on the Italian coffee, but enjoyed the pastry.

Tim drank both cups.  Then they explored around the city and headed toward the Basilica di Santa Maria Novella with its iconic tower and the exterior walls looking like something that should be hanging on a wall in a museum.  The exploration continued and the next stop was the Basilica di San Lorenzo and the Medici Crypt with a library designed by Michelangelo.  This church was unbelievably ornate with magnificent statues of past Kings and floor to ceiling granite mosaics that by themselves were artwork.  The crypt below was toned down a bit with long vaults that held the ancient Medici.  There were gold and silver relics in every room and extravagant cloaks and dressings worn by clergy of the past. They then went to the famous leather market of Florence and considered haggling a bit, but the 40 liter backpack limited the amount of booty they were willing to carry the rest of the trip.  They did however, touch the cinghiale (boar), which meant they would return.  Tim had done this before with his daughter Natalie and sure enough he returned, so it must work.  Of course, on the last full day in Florence, the two found the world's greatest Gelateria, La Carraia.  They had tried Gelato at every stop in Italy and this one proved to be the best of them all.  It was inexpensive, hand crafted, and had plenty of original flavors to choose from.  In fact, between the two of them they would have seven servings in the span of one afternoon/evening.  Tim and Monique finished the day by exploring some of the less touristy neighborhoods and then had dinner at Trattoria La Casalinga, which had been a recommendation and lived up to the billing.  They ended their last night in Florence with a walk in one of the most romantic and historic cities in Europe.