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About Tim

Road DogsTim's Description

Tim is a husband, father, son, uncle, friend and grandfather to 4-legged creatures.  He is also a Consultant, Web Developer, Writer, Teacher and Volunteer.  Tim enjoys fishing, cycling, amateur photography and graphic arts.  He is happy to share knowledge and experiences with just about anyone, and enjoys others success at the things he likes to do.  Tim is not political (although you might hear him spout off on a tangent now and then).  He is fascinated about history and religion,  and is sometimes frustrated by the general lack of understanding and tolerance for other worldly views.  

Tim's Mission

Although this site bears his name, it is about you and him and what we can do to improve the human condition on this planet.  Shall we begin?  Tim is not a complex person.  He gains enjoyment and satisfaction from helping others and contributing to society.  He does this in many ways as you will see, but he has his favorites.  Please feel free to interact with him any time, day or night.  He is somewhat of a night owl, and is definitely addicted to technology like most of us.