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Europe 2023 - Switzerland to Italy

This next two days of the trip were train travel days, but the sights never stopped being amazing, even from their seats on the trains.

The two travelers managed to squeeze in a bit of a hike when they transferred trains in Spiez, Switzerland.  At this stop Tim and Monique walked through the main part of town to the lakefront marina and toured the neighborhoods surrounding a huge park in the middle of the city.  On their way down to the marina, Monique may have found the garden of Eden.  Spiez was an enchanting mix of business district, urban sprawl and natural wonders in the form of mountains, lakes and rolling green hills.  There was were no signs of tourists in this quiet little slice of heaven.  As the travelers had noted in previous Swiss cities, everyone seemed happy and care free and the surrounding area was clean with little to no traffic.  This would be their last stop in Switzerland before they would enter Italy.  But what is the first thing you do when you are in Italy?  If you are Tim, you get Gelato!  A quick stop in Domodossola  for the Italian version of ice cream and their final stop on this day would be the bustling city of Milan.  After a walk through the incredibly busy downtown,  they would find a place for dinner and stay the night in a local hotel.  In the morning they would walk to some of the sights such as,  the Duomo di Milano and the Castello Sforzesco. The afternoon in Milan ended when they boarded another train to their next stop of the trip. They would be in Florence, Italy before nightfall and the charm of the Renaissance period would envelope them.