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Thin Blue Line

Europe 2023 - Swiss Alps - Day 2

The day started out with a wonderful regional breakfast and the incredible views that Tim & Monique were getting spoiled with.

They filled their water bottles at the spring which bubbled from the mountain across from the hotel before beginning the next leg of the day's adventure: a cable car ride to the top of the Schilthorn mountain for breathtaking views at 10,000+ feet of altitude.  There was little snow as the region was in a bit of a long summer and the temperatures at the top were surprisingly moderate.  Monique seemed to overcome her fear of heights during this leg of the trip.  They took in the views and were in awe of the vastness of the surrounding mountains.  Tim offered to take a picture for another couple at the summit, and after, they reciprocated and took a few of Tim and Monique.  The two couples spent much of the rest of the day exploring mountains and sharing a meal together in the 360 degree rotating restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn.  It was one of their most pleasant surprises to meet other people on the trip that enjoyed exploring and hiking as Tim and Monique did.  After the couples went their separate ways when lunch was finished, they made a loose agreement to try and meet up later for another hike that Tim & Monique had planned to do later in the day.  On the way down the mountain at a stop in Berg, Monique became a bit more adventurous on the thrill walk as seen in the videos below.  Much to the pleasant surprise of Tim and Monique, the young couple showed up at their hotel just as they were refilling their water bottles and getting ready for the second hike of the day.  All four spent the rest of the day together hiking along the mountainside above Murren and discovered the small village of Allmendhubel after taking the funicular partway up the mountainside.  Their time together made the day that much more special.  They would stay in touch after their respective trips were over and will try to reconnect in the future in Oregon, Montreal or some other exotic place.  After Tim and Monique walked the couple to the cable car, they were treated to an end of the day cow parade that would happen right down the middle of the street in the town of Murren on this day.  Dinner was exceptional as usual, and the views from their hotel dining room were just as breath-taking as the first day.  But wait it gets even better...