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Europe 2023 - Swiss Alps - Day 1

Tim described seeing the Swiss Alps for the first time as like seeing Disneyland as a young child for the first time.

It was magical, awe inspiring and breathtaking all at the same time.  Take the cleanliness of Switzerland, the happiness of its people, and add the magnificent views of the Alps and this region is truly a wonderland.Eiger & Beer  Their home base was the little village of Murren, located part way up the Schilthorn Mountain.  They stayed at the Hotel Alpina where the accommodations were comfortable and clean and their hosts were very welcoming.  The hotel was positioned a little less than halfway up the mountainside on the edge overlooking the Jungrau range including the famous Eiger.Dinner View  Their stay in the Alps started with settling in to their room and enjoying a welcoming local beer from the kegerator tucked in behind the office.  The rest of the day was spent exploring the town and taking in all the cabins, cottages and wood shacks dotting the hillside, surrounded by massive mountains with incredible views in every direction.  The first night was capped with a dinner at the adjacent hotel which also overlooked the same mountain range and was set on the edge of the hillside.  All in all, this was an incredible first day in the Swiss Alps.  It would only get better...