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Europe 2023 - Thun

While on the way from the Capital of Switzerland to the Swiss Alps, Tim & Monique stopped at the city of Thun.

This town was a favorite of both as it had charm with views of the alps and the Aare River running right through the middle of it.  They walked the downtown which paralleled the river and found locals doing everything from opening their shops, fishing in the center of town, to having the morning warm beverage in front of the local cafes.  This intimate small city had a very pleasant mix of old and new buildings, young and old people, and a unique mix of tech and nature, all with a very happy,  Castle_Stairshealthy and seemingly productive  population.  The water in the river was a crystal clear green color reflecting its glacial origins and its cleanliness.  After a light paper bag lunch from the local store, they walked up the hill to tour the castle and capture a view of the beautiful church atop the hill.  OnceCastle_Chair again the Swiss trains did not disappoint.  They had a first class car all to themselves and before they left, found the bike rack at the train station which gave a clue as to how many locals use the train system to commute.  They would mark this spot as a potential place to spend more time in on another trip, but were soon distracted by the awe of the majestic Swiss Alps.  Two train rides to Lauterbrunnen, a bus ride to Stechelberg, and then a cable car took them to their home base for the next few days: the small village of Murren across from the Jungfrau Range of the Alps.