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Europe 2023 - Bern

Traveling up to 270 km/h, the trip to Bern was not on the Eurostar, but it was definitely on a high speed train none the less.

The French and Swiss countryside was a special treat on this leg of the Rail journey.  Lodging was at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Bern (one of the few hotel stays during the trip).  When you travel to Bern, remember to ask for your Bern ticket.  This is a city wide transit pass that is available free for your entire visit to any visitor staying at a tourist accommodation.  After settling in to their room, Tim & Monique's first order of business was to find a laundromat.Laundry in Bern  This was their first time washing clothes on the trip, but it would not be the last.  As there were no laundromats in the old town of Bern,  a fairly short bus ride took them to one of the more residential areas where they then found a small laundromat (one of only a couple in the surrounding area that made for their first brown bag dinner spot.  After that, the next couple days were spent seeing the sights and experiencing the friendly and inviting capital of Switzerland.  The clock at the center of town is the main attraction and it puts on a small show each day for tourists to watch.  The beauty of the region could be witnessed in every direction.  Bern is also known for the many fountains in the downtown and a zoo-like bear pit that Tim & Monique skipped on this visit.  Tim is not fond of seeing animals in cages.  There is a funicular in the middle of town that goes back and forth from the University neighborhood at the bottom of the hill where most of the cities residences are to the top of the hill where the new and old downtowns are.  They used buses, trolleys, funiculars, trains and of course their feet to visit many parts of the city including the many beautiful parks that were exceptionally clean and well maintained.  They found Einstein's house and the pub that is below what is now the Einstein House Museum.  On the last night in Bern, the couple had true Swiss cheese fondue with bread and small potatoes, served with a glass of local wine while dining outside in one of the many pedestrian friendly streets in the old downtown.  This leg would set the tone for Tim & Monique's time in Switzerland.  A country which would prove to be very clean with friendly and happy people.  It would be one of the more memorable parts of their adventure.