Antelope Creek Lake
Thin Blue Line

Tim's Visits to Crater Lake

Tim continues to visit Crater Lake national park with friends and family.

His latest trip was completely around the lake on a bike.  Two weekends a year in the fall, Crater lake closes most of the road and allows bikes and hikers to use the road for travel.  This was one of the most fun, exciting and scenic rides Tim has ever done.  He, Monique and his friend Judy rode about 35 miles in a little less than four hours.  They were using e-bikes, so they had plenty of time to stop and see the views of the lake from many different vantage points.    Tim has taken drives and hikes around the lake with family and friends in the past, but traveling the route by bike was truly inspiring.  The lake and the surrounding area are still as breath taking as he remembers from his childhood visits.  Tim recommends that everyone plan to visit the Crater Lake National Park at least once in their lifetime.  And remember, it's only about 2 hours from Tim's current place of residence, so feel free to contact Tim and invite yourself for a visit.  There is always lodging available.  Tim has enjoyed many trips to this national park, but making the trip on bike will be his fondest memory.  He has committed to next year's ride already-maybe even 2 laps.   Enjoy the latest photos and video from this most recent adventure.