Antelope Creek Lake
Thin Blue Line

Tim is available for golf as long as your expectations are not high.  As he has many activities, he does not play regularly or often.  He does enjoy a game now and then, and is fond of trying new courses.  If you would like a golf partner, or just want to practice at the range, contact Tim for an outing.

StriperTim enjoys many forms of recreation.  These are some of his favorite things to do when not working or serving the community.  Feel free to invite Tim on any outing, even if it is not one of his listed recreation activities.  Tim will try just about anything once.  Tim likes low cost or no cost outings (besides the cost of equipment).  Expect to go dutch when it's time to pay the bill unless other arrangements have been previously agreed upon.  Tim does take time to stop for nutrition now and then and is happy to share his meal time.

Tim has always liked to explore in the form of travel.  He has more recently started to travel further as he is overcoming his dislike of flying.  He will go just about anywhere at anytime.  Planning ahead is always easier, but a spur of the moment trip is not out of the question.  From local hot spots, to across the globe, Tim is ready to explore.  By the way, Tim does not take vacations, he prefers to experience cultures actively and likes to travel reasonably.  Contact Tim to share a travel experience.

Like most people, Tim needs to be motivated to work out.  He has access to some gym equipment and tries to adhere to a regular schedule.  Having a workout partner can be a motivating factor.  If you need a workout partner, ask Tim if he is available to work out at your gym (with a guest pass of course).  If you don't have a place to work out, ask Tim if he can set up a time to work out with you in his gym.  It does have some pretty cool views.  

Tim is a Tai Chi beginner.  He uses this discipline to help with balance and power.  However he is dedicated to mastering and progressing in his newly found form of movement.  He will gladly refer anyone who is interested in Yang Style Tai Chi to the instructor he is currently practicing with.  Click on the style below to see each form of Tai Chi that Tim is working on.

Yang Style

Wun Su Kata

Sanchin Kata


Tsue Sho Kata