Antelope Creek Lake
Thin Blue Line

Tim Loves to love solve problems, create business plans,  help develop growing and new business, develop and maintain websites and advise on marketing, advertising and social media.  If you combine any of these things with Tim's recreation interests, Tim will work with passion and dedication to help your cause.  Tim enjoys taking on new tasks that he has not been exposed to yet.  He feels this is a great way to expand knowledge and gain experience.  Tim is a quick study.  Don't hesitate to ask about any task for any company or public service.  Tim will do his best to accommodate your request.  If Tim is unable to take on a task that you ask him about, he will refer you to someone who can.


Tim is very interested in any form of public service.  He has volunteered for many organizations and has gained experience in this manner.  If you would like to hire Tim for a public service position, Tim will consider any and all offers to help the community in any way possible.  Tim has noticed that the water resources are stretched thin in Southern Oregon.  He would like to find out more about this resource and how it is managed.  Also, he has witnessed the need for more fire prevention.  This could come in the form of forest management, fire spotting and fire awareness.  Tim would consider any offer related to one of our natural resources.

Web Development is one of Tim's favorite areas of business.  He can help you with:

  • Obtaining a website address.
  • Retaining a web server.
  • Smartetailing website design and maintenance.
  • Joomla website design and maintenance.
  • Wordpress website design and maintenance.
  • ADA Compliancy
  • Google Analytics

Some of the things that Tim has experience and can help you with are:

  • Overall business plans
  • Web Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • Business leases and real estate transactions
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Human resources
  • Point of sale systems
  • Social Media
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Anything related to the bicycle industry including contacting vendors