Antelope Creek Lake
Thin Blue Line

Did you know that Tim...

  • is graced with grandchildren; all of which whom have four legs?
  • has 2 metal hips and now practices tai chi instead of what he used to practice, taekwondo?
  • loves to travel, but is a nervous flyer?
  • 's first computer program was in Commodore Basic and was a text based fishing game?
  • 's first college program was in assembly and identified and re-iterated palindromes?
  • is writing a fictional book in collaboration with his daughter?
  • is still confused between a bull and a cow?
  • was a fastpitch coach for almost a decade and never played an inning of organized baseball?


Tim has been known to geek out now and then.  He enjoys people watching and exploring the fringe of such communities as comicom, aliencon, ancient aliens and many more sometimes misunderstood subjects.  He misses the Maker's Faire where he has learned about many new technologies and products.  The Macworld convention is also missed by Tim.  This is the place where Tim gained his appreciation for Apple products and development.  Apple may think it has become to big to hold this event, but if they did, Tim is sure that many more Apple "geeks" would be created.  After all, they are in the heart of the biggest geek capital in the world, Silicon Valley.

Tim likes to experience new adventures.  Among his favorite things to do are: Fishing, especially flyfishing, traveling, fishing while traveling, mountain biking, road cycling, tai chi, working out, golfing, or any combination of the aforementioned recreation.  Tim is usually up for trying anything new at least once.  Don't be afraid to expose Tim to new adventures.  He will generally respond with positive feedback.  He is new to Southern Oregon, so this is a good time to introduce him to a new area or sport

 While fishing, Tim has almost always practiced catch and release as a form of stream and lake conservation.  He believes in leaving the resources for generations to come.  That being said, he will keep a fish that is plentiful only if he or someone he knows are going to use the fish as an immediate food source.

 Whether hiking, mountain biking or off-roading, Tim will likely combine some of his favorite types of recreation, such as mountain biking and fishing.  If you are willing to share your favorite spot with Tim, he is very capable of keeping a secret.  Just know that he is likely to post the adventure on his site and/or blog as he likes to share his best adventures, unless you tell him not to.

Board Member    2023 - Present

Rogue River Greenway Foundation

  • Manage 2 websites for the foundation.
  • Raise funds for the Greenway by means of an organized ride.
  • Put in place sections of the Greenway to connect local communities.
  • Maintain the greenway.
  • Create safety plans and tools for the greenway.
  • Connect the greenway to other paths and greenways.


Transportation Specialist, RC Care Event Review Team     2020 - Present

American Red Cross

  • Transport blood products in support of blood services.
  • Review and verify events in support of the Disaster Assistance Team.


Mechanic and General Support     2019 - Present

Police Unity Tour, Chapter 13 Northern California

  • Perform bicycle maintenance and repair in support of the bicycle tour.
  • Perform any travel related tasks including driving support vehicles.
  • Raise money for the fallen officers memorial in Washington DC.


Instructor       2014 - 2019

Pleasanton Police Department Pleasanton, CA

  • Taught maintenance and repair to officers in the bicycle patrol program.


Coach, Webmaster 2010 - 2015

Mavericks Fastpitch Softball, Livermore, CA

  • Developed and implemented game plans and created and maintained websites.


Appointed to Hayward Downtown Advisory Board 1994 - 1996

City of Hayward, Hayward, CA

  • Created plans, policies and procedures for guiding the direction of the downtown area.



Hayward Police Department, Hayward, CA 1993 - 1996

  • Taught maintenance, repair and riding techniques to officers in the bicycle patrol program.

Web Developer, Operations Manager, Business Consultant and Development Professional


Outdoor I Sporting Goods I Sports I Grocery I Small Business

  • Over 30 years sales, marketing and business development experience.
  • Administrator with over 20 years of organizational and management leadership experience including human resources, advertising and customer service.
  • Successful in expanding product offerings with many OEM suppliers and distributors.
  • Created, developed and implemented multiple business plans.
  • Proven track record of improving sales, cutting costs and exceeding goals.
  • Background in retail, outdoor sports and sporting goods.
  • Additional experience in web development and management including Wordpress, Joomla, Smartetailing, ADA Compliancy and Google Analytics.




  • Business Development
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Staff Recruiting and Training
  • Website Design and Management
  • Business Process Improvement
  • MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • 10 years+ Apple/Mac Experience
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Management


Professional Experience


Consultant 11/2021 - Present

GLG, Remote

  • Provide information as a consultant related to the bicycle, sporting good or other small business industries.
  • Forecast and analyze and explain trends in business.
  • Advise on business set up, operations, HR, marketing & advertising of small business.
  • Report on website development, social media, POS, and IT.

Web Developer 04/2010 - Present

Various Companies, Self-employed

  • Design and maintain small business, club and personal websites.
  • Develop websites using Wordpress, Joomla and Smartetailing.
  • Maintain and update websites using google analytics and promoting ADA compliancy.

Business Development Consultant 10/2019 - Present

Various Companies, Self-employed

  • Help make business more profitable using website strategies.
  • Improve business bottom lines with marketing and advertising.
  • Implement social media engagement
  • Advise in the areas of business structure, purchasing & other areas

President/CEO 04/1998 - 10/2019

BICYCLES! Pleasanton Inc., Pleasanton, CA 

  • Made business development decisions that led to up to 300% increase in revenue.
  • Hired additional personnel needed to increase the volume of business significantly.
  • Created and implemented customer service policies which increased efficiency.
  • Made advertising and marketing connections as well as created ad campaigns.
  • Connected with new vendors and led the purchasing team as business increased quickly.
  • Assisted in creating industry related entertainment, training and sales events.

Operations Manager 04/1996 - 03/1998

BICYCLES! Pleasanton, Pleasanton, CA 

  • Created a business plan and started the business from scratch.
  • Acquired the real estate for multiple retail locations.
  • Set up financing to enable the start of multiple business locations.
  • Trained the staff to perform tasks related to sales, service and maintenance.
  • Made relationships with long-term vendors that brought name brand recognition.

 Store Manager 02/1988 - 03/1996

Hank & Frank Bicycles, Hayward, CA 

  • Led a team of store employees to increase sales by up to 100%, while improving productivity and customer service.
  • Helped to  acquire real estate for retail locations.
  • Attended industry trade shows and conferences to make contacts and increase the quality of customer experience.
  • Performed purchasing, marketing, merchandising and advertising tasks
  • Sold, maintained and repaired bicycles and related products to lead by example.